I've used this service for the past several years, or more. It is an incredible convenience for a person who lives alone, hates to cook or to eat out alone. By now Dave is quite familiar with my preferences, and routinely does a great job for me. The net cost is probably about the same as the cost of eating a comparable meal in a good restaurant, but the convenience is more than worth it. I get a varied and balanced diet that is appropriate for me and my tastes. Dave has always been very considerate of my preferences and my peccadilloes concerning things like too much salt. Most importantly, he's a darn good chef; I always look forward to dinner. I recommend him without hesitation or reservation.

Henry Mahlman

We are going on our third year of having David cook for our family and couldn't be happier with the service he provides. He is easy and accommodating to work with and very dependable. He provides a ton of great ideas for new dishes, but is open to your ideas as well. If you can describe it he can probably make it. If you can give him an actual recipe he will nail it. Didn't like something ? he'll change it to your liking. We have told him about our favorite dishes from restaurants, local and abroad. Jamaican, Chinese,Irish, Italian? He has done well with them all. He can adjust portion sizes to your liking and is familiar with many different dietary philosophies and can adjust your menu accordingly. An added bonus of his service is that he does the grocery shopping the morning of your service, ensuring that you get the freshest fish, meats and vegetables available. Need something from the store that he isn't preparing? Let him know and he can probably pick it up for you while he is there. He provides you copies of the grocery receipts with your bill, no mark up on the purchases. Grocery shopping is not something that we look forward to and by utilizing David's service and having our milk delivered we have cut our grocery trips to once or twice a month just to pick up a few odds and ends. The bottom line is David's service saves time and money while providing our family with much better options (both health-wise and variety) for our meals than any restaurant or even our own cooking could provide.

Chad Stukey

Cooked two weeks worth of healthy meals for our family, including planning the menu, shopping, preparing the meals and cleaning up after. David is a talented chef and is extremely professional. He has great ideas for meals that the whole family will enjoy. We LOVE his cooking.

Shannon Hassan

The Cooking Crane was an excellent service. No matter what type of meal plan we requested, from gluten-free, to paleo, to kid friendly, David was always happy to create a menu to reflect that. He always sent the weekly menu ahead of time in case we wanted to make any changes.The food was always excellent and healthy. It was great to have a complete meal ready that just needed to be heated up.The cost of the groceries was always reasonable, less than I usually spent when shopping on my own. David was always professional, letting us know ahead of time of vacation or changes in schedule. The kitchen was always neat & orderly when he was finished. Have absolutely no complaints about the service in any way. I would highly recommend The Cooking Crane to anyone interested in this type of service. Definitely worth it!!!!

Christina Nealy

David comes to my house once per week to cook food for us. He does a great job. His food tastes great, he's easy to work with, and is always on time. David has been cooking for us since September 12, 2012. Most of his clients I believe are "long" term meaning he has them on a regular rotating schedule. He has us on an every Wednesday schedule. I really don't know what we'd do without him. I highly recommend his services.

Amy and Rob Obering

The Cooking Crane comes over regularly to cook a selection of meals for us. Dave Crane is The Cooking Crane. He did a great job. He came over and fixed us up a bunch of meals. We use him on a regular basis now. He was punctual and made us really good food. He just did a really good job and continues to do so.

Andy Verleger

David has been cooking for us since 2012. He uses his creativity to cook a variety of items from a diverse choice of ingredients. Davids genius is apparent from the way he makes tasty dishes, yet not compromising healthiness of the diet. He is very flexible and has always accommodated our requests. He continually seeks feedback and makes changes per our liking. It is a delight to come home and have a number of delicious dishes ready to choose from.

Unmesh Churi