Ingredient Highlight: Chimichurri

Chimichurri Sauce

In looking at this week’s menu one of my favorite items on there is the chimichurri sauce. This is a very versatile sauce that can be used as an added flavor or marinade. Chimichurri is popping up in restaurants everywhere and just last year my wife gave all of her colleagues chimichurri as a holiday gift. It was a big hit and the recipe is in high demand at her work. So, what is chimichurri? Its origins are from Argentina but its true history is unknown.  Also, depending on the region chimichurri is made either solely with parsley and sometimes oregano or pepper flakes are added to give it a kick. Chimichurri is served cold and mainly with grilled meats. But, in our opinion, you can put it on everything. Looking at this week’s menu...sliced flank steak, black pepper crusted pork chop, pan roasted chicken breast and tilapia would pair nicely with chimichurri. However, if your feeling the need to get your cooking on...I'd say marinate your choice of meat in the chimi and grill! For a complete meal, pair your grilled meat with potato latkes, roasted broccoli, brown rice or spaghetti squash. Happy Eating!