Colombian Chicken Soup

The new menu is out and your wondering what to order...

When my wife was a little girl her mom tapped into her Colombian roots quite often and sometimes made a soup that required a whole chicken fryer. The whole chicken was put into a big pot of water with onions and garlic. It was left to cook for hours where it was later taken out to cool for shredding. The shredded chicken was put back in with the onion, garlic, chicken broth, and raw potatoes, which were left to cook till tender. In the end, you had a delicious, simple Colombian style chicken soup. To top it off, they would add toppings such as sour cream, marinated raw onions, or avocado which added to the already rich flavors. With this week’s Cooking Crane menu options, you can make a version of this soup... in less time!

(and how to do it)
Colombian Chicken Soup

Here is what you need from this weeks menu - 8/7/17:
Protein: Boneless Chicken Thighs
Side: Steamed Yukon Potatoes with Lemon & Herbs
Add Flavor: Marinated Red Onions
Bone Broth: Chicken Bone Broth


In a medium sized pot bring the chicken bone broth to a simmer. Add chopped white onions, cover the pot, and cook slowly until they are soft (about 8-10 minutes). Once the onions are soft, shred or dice the chicken thighs and add it to the broth along with the steamed Yukon potatoes. When everything is heated through you are ready to serve! Lastly, don't forget to add the marinated red onions.

What you can add from your pantry:

            White Onion
            Sliced avocado, as a garnish
            Sour Cream, as a garnish
            Lime, as a garnish
            Tobasco or other hot sauce, if needed
...and there you have it, a hearty soup to satisfy your hunger!